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« L'Association des Diplômés de l'Institut Français de la Mode » has been created in 1987. It gathers today more than 2600 alumni from the different programs developed by the the Institut Français de la Mode :

Programme Postgraduate de Management Mode, Design & Luxe since 1986
Programme Postgraduate de Création de mode since 2000
Global Fashion Management Executive MBA since 2005
MSc in International Luxury Management since 2013
IFM Entrepreneurs since 2015

The IFM Alumni Bureau is composed by the following elected alumni 
President : Bastien DAGUZAN (
Treasurer : Anne FUHRHOP (
Secretary : Fabrice VIGANO-GERY (

A 40 alumni volunteer team is structured in geographical, sectorial and transversal groups. They are all involved in organizing events together with strong sense of collegiality to enlarge the action and international presence of the IFM Alumni. 

This agenda of workshops, table-rondes, talks and events helps alumni to keep in touch with each other, meet new alumni and reinforce their shared passion for creation and curiosity for emerging business, cultural and social trends.

Th IFM Alumni reflects the rich diversity of its members, of their carrers and expertises in such creative and demanding areas as Beauty, Fashion, Design and Luxury. 

The international Institut Français de la Mode community is represented by passionate geographical groups in the UK, the USA, In China, in Benelux and Switzerland. A Chinese alumni group and a African & Caraïbes group both based in Paris organize cultural, fashion and luxury events around the main shifts that Chinese or African societies are facing.

Different Entrepreneurs generations make a remarkable corpus of strong individualities brought together within a Club Entrepreneurs. 

This dynamic group interacts on a regular basis with the whole community and stimulates the entrepreneurial spirit in our different sectors.

The IFM Alumni mission is also to be a strong support for the alumni at each step of their professional life. In direct connection with the Institut Français de la Mode Career Team, the IFM Alumni organize regular talks and workshops with HR expert. 

These events enable the alumni to anticipate on companies’ organizations, crucial needs and challenges and adapt themselves to.

The ALUMNI IFM is also the place for think-tanks to share what’s going on in their specific areas and to explore prospective researchs, emerging business models and key trends.  We are very happy to regularly include key speakers in our different events.

Should you like to get in touch, you can directly e-mail us :